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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 13, 2019 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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♪ away witaway with it. blake: gotta stop it there because lou dobbs is next. going to -- good to be with you tonight. have a great weekend. ♪ >> good evening, everyone, i'm gregg jarrett, sitting in for lou dobbs. a week of winning on the trump economy. it's soaring to unprecedented levels. the dow, is s&p and nasdaq all closing the week at an all-time high. plus, the american gulf bracing for another major storm. tropical storm barry expected to make landfall tomorrow morning, bringing with it a deluge of rain. the national hurricane center calling it a life-threatening situation. and president trump traveling to wisconsin today where he touted the usmca trade deal, the president claiming that deal
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will end the exodus of manufacturers from the u.s. and add more than a million american jobs. our own edward lawrence live at the white house tonight with the very latest. ed? >> reporter: and, gregg, yeah, the president having two fundraisers, two events in two different states this evening. now, he started his day defending his decision to aggregate federal databases onto the 2020 census. the president saying it's not a reversal, but more an accurate measure of what has, exactly how many citizens are here. >> not only didn't i back down, i backed up. anybody else would have given this up a long time ago. the problem is we had three very unfriendly courts. they were judges that weren't exactly in love with this whole thing. and they were wrong. >> reporter: and right now the president is in the ohio on the second leg of his journey.
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before going to ohio he held an event in wisconsin, in milwaukee, where he talked directly to voters to put pressure on democrats to pass or ratify the usmca. the president would like to see this done this summer, although he is relating the u.s. trade representative -- letting the u.s. trade representative do his work. the president says that this new deal will keep jobs here in america. >> it's going to be america first. [applause] after years of rebuilding fallen nations, we are finally rebuilding our nation. >> reporter: and the house goes on a six week recess starting on july 26th. it's unlikely that a vote will be scheduled to rat a guy usmca -- ratify usmca before that. i talked to a senior republican who said they believe house speaker nancy pelosi is slow-playing the ratification process.
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i can tell you right now the president is in ohio making an address at a private residence for a fundraiser, the president will then be back here at the white house later on this evening. back to you. gregg: edward lawrence, thanks very much. breaking news, acting homeland security director kevin mcaleenan reportedly under federal investigation for allegedly leaking information about i.c.e. raids last month. mcaleenan, who has denied leaking the information, being investigated now by the i.c.e. joint intake center. one administration source telling "the washington examiner" the decision to investigate mcaleenan is, quote, very disturbing. well, it was an intense day, to say the least, on capitol hill today as former acting i.c.e. director tom homan delivered an impassioned defense of border patrol agents, ripping into the inaction of congressional lawmakers. listen to this exchange with
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illinois democrat jesus garcia. >> mr. homan, i'm a father. do you have children? how can you possibly allow this to happen under your watch? do you not care? is it because these children don't look like children that are around you? if i don't get it. have you ever held a deceased child in your arms? >> first of all, your comments are disgusting. i've served -- >> i find your comments -- >> my country 34 years. i've served my country for 34 years and, yeah, i held a 5-year-old boy in my arms in the back of that tractor-trailer. i knelt down beside him and said a prayer for him because i knew what his last 30 minutes of life were like, and i had a 5-year-old son at the time. my mission is to save lives. so for you to sit there and insult my integrity and my love for my country and for children, that's why this whole thing needs to be fixed. and you're the member -- the. >> [inaudible] ing.
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>> fix it. >> we agree on. that but i disagree -- >> the order. order. [inaudible conversations] >> gentleman's time has expired. gregg: joining me now is that gentleman, tom homan, former acting director of immigration and custom enforcement. he's also a fox business contributor. director homan, thank you for being with us. it was quite a day today. the treatment of you was nothing short of appalling, in particular jesus garcia who accused you of being racist, which is what uninformed people do when they don't have a good argument, it appears to me that representative garcia is the racist here, and you clearly said you were disgusted by it. how many lives have been saved by border patrol agents, sir? >> just this past year they saved over 4,000 lives, but no one wanted to talk about that
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today. and, yes, i was insulted by him and many others. representative gerald connolly from virginia. you know, he threw out dirt and wouldn't let me respond. it was about political theater. he ran out of there like a little girl. he's a coward. he didn't want to hear my response. these people don't want the american people to hear the truth. i said several times in this hearing this is about transparency, but you won't met me respond to what you're saying. if this is the focus of congress, to push a false narrative and not let someone like me who spent 34 years on that border speak to issue, that tells you what this is all about. this is about resisting this president, about open borders. they don't want to hear the truth. greg greg well, and i commend you for saying that they should be ashamed of themselves. indeed, they should. you know, a director for the long time, mostly democrats were saying, oh, there's no problem at the border, there's no crisis at the border, it's all a
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manufactured crisis. well, now they've changed their tune, haven't they? >> absolutely, and they're talking about the appalling conditions in detention. and now it's clear to them. i said that's because you failed. the secretary of homeland security along with the head of border patrol has been asking for months for supplemental funding to move people, women and children -- facilities aren't built for them -- they've been begging them for money, but they just kept denying and denying and denying them. even after they finally did approve the funding, you've got alexandria ocasio-cortez that didn't support the funding to make the conditions better. and she's still talking about detention conditions on the southwest border. and we wouldn't have any of this. there wasn't conditions on the southwest border that would be unwelcoming to these women and children if they would have done their jobs and closing loopholes we've asked them to close for two years. gregg: yeah. you mentioned alexandria ocasio-cortezed today who demanded that she be sworn in to
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testify, which seemed to confuse the chairman because, you know, that's not normally what happens since you're a member of congress. i want to play a clip and then get your reaction. here it is. >> if i get arrested for dui and i have a young child in the car, i'm going to be separated. i was a police officer in new york, and i arrested a father for domestic violence -- >> mr. homan, with all due respect, legal a asigh lees are not charged with any crime. >> when you're in the country illegally, it's violation of united states code -- >> seeking a asylum is legal. >> you want to seek asylum, go through the port of entry and do it the legal way. the attorney general of the united states has made that clear. >> okay. gregg: unlawful presence in the united states is not a crime, but you are correct, sir, that coming into the united states illegally is a crime. sneaking across the border is a crime. so aoc was engaging in her
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typically inane comments -- [laughter] and, you know, and she's the one who continues to decry conditions at the border, and yet she voted hell no when it came time for a $4.5, 4.6 billion in funding to relieve the conditions at the border. she's nothing but a hypocrite, correct? >> oh, absolutely. and, look, every time she opens her mouth, she's wrong. i've never heard her speak one time on immigration and she be accurate. i'm a law enforcement officer, but it's astounding that a member of congress, a legislator does not realize entering this country is a crime. she ought to do her homework before she starts saying things that aren't true. she's the worst politician in that committee, and, you know, she doesn't know fact from fiction, and, you know, she's been a congressman for six
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months. apparently, she's an expert at everything, but she's an expert at nothing. gregg: yeah. she was a bartender less than a year ago. not that i have anything against people -- [laughter] bartenders and waitresses, but it doesn't make you an expert on everything. most freshmen members of congress know to keep their mouth shut, to learn, to observe, to listen, but no, she's an expert on everything. want to go to a moment now where you were showing photographs of children and elderly people who had been victimized violently by illegal immigrants. talktous about that. talk to us about that. >> there is a, you know, they talked about family separations during the zero tolerance thing and, of course, it's sad when a child's separated from a parent. but the parent's being prosecuted, and that happens to american families every day. and the separations, even though
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unfortunate, it's a necessary part of the legal system. if you and i got arrested for dui and we had a child in the car, we're going to go to jail, and that child's going to go to cps. is so i brought my own pictures of separation. these were children that were killed by illegal aliens, some released in sanctuary cities and because of the open borders and all this talk democrats have, tried to show a couple of examples. one was a five-month-old baby that was raped, sexually penetrated by an illegal alien and murdered. a 5-year-old girl that was raped and murdered, a 93-year-old lady that was raped multiple times and murdered. i agree, child separations are sad, but that's a temporary separation because the parent's being prosecuted. here's some separations that are forever. these parents will never see these children again, and they died a horrific death. so if you want to shift gears for, you know, those separations, i get it.
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but how about shedding some tears for u.s. citizens that have been murdered, children that have been murdered by the illegal aliens? i've met with these angel moms and dads, every story's tragic. but they don't want to talk about that. they want to keep pushing their false narrative to american people, and i wasn't going to allow it today. i wasn't going to allow it. gregg: and representatives talib and presley finish talib was in tears today, you know, because using the term all legal immigrant is derogatory and demeaning, and she seemed to be blaming you and others, and yet she -- she's so dumb she doesn't realize it's actually in the law that congress wrote, illegal alien. and you cited the statute, and there's another one as well. she had to look them up. she wants to change that language, she ought to change it herself. she's a member of congress. congress created that law with that language. >> absolutely. there's another congressman who
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doesn't know the law. i mean, illegal alien is clearly spelled out not only in title viii of the united states code, the immigration nationality act which, i can say, was enacted by congress who she's a part of. gregg: right. >> do your homework. before you get out there and attack this administration, the men and women of i.c.e. and the border patrol, do your homework. at least do that so you can be accurate and truth theful to the american people. gregg: don't you know the mod squad, their total knowledge and ultimate wisdom, and they decide everything. tom homan, thank you so much. i'm sorry you had to go through that today, it was unfair. >> thank you, sir, i appreciate it. greg e greg well, it was a hat trick of wins today on wall street and for the booming trump economy. all three major indices closed at highs. -- record highs. the dow finishing ahead 244. the s&p 500 gaining 14, nasdaq up 48. the dow up a percent and a half to end the week. the s&p up nearly a percent. the nasdaq gained a percent.
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according to the wilshire 5000 market cap, up $175 billion this week alone. market cap up $10.1 trillion since president trump took office. the dow has now recorded 106 record closes since president trump's election, surpassing the total number of dow record closes in the eight years under barack obama. coming up next, is robert mueller about the derail jerrold nadler and adam schiff's hopeless attempt to keep the russia witch hunt alive? miss, president trump look -- plus, president trump looks to remove how do you gauge the greatness of an suv? is it to carry cargo or to carry on a legacy? its show of strength or its sign of intelligence? in crossing harsh terrain or breaking new ground?
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♪ ♪ gregg: there appears to be panic within the radical left divide of the certainty of robert mueller's public testimony, falling into serious question. it appears now that he will testify july 24th, a week later than originally scheduled. fox's chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has details. >> reporter: today multiple sources told fox news the special counsel testimony
1:19 am
scheduled for wednesday was postponed a week after a, quote, breakdown in negotiations. but the democrats put out this short statement that a hearing would go ahead as originally planned. by all accounts, robert mueller remains a reluctant witness who has said he will not go beyond what's already in his report, delaying his testimony to 24th could be a tactic to secure more time for lawmakers' questions. >> it's very important that the american people have the opportunity to hear from robert mueller, that he have the opportunity to convey to american people all the evidence he collected, all which described the misconduct of the president. >> reporter: the two house committees -- judiciary and intelligence -- had allotted two hours for a morning and afternoon session on july 17th. that meant about two dozen lawmakers would not ask questions. that violates a longstanding practice known as house rule 11 that says every member gets five minutes to cross-examine the witness. today there was confusion, anger and disappointment among many
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lawmakers. >> every single member of the house judiciary committee on the democratic and republican side should be able to participate in the hearing. >> well, you have to ask jerry nadler, i mean, we've been trying to find a format, the exact format for weeks now, and it sounds like we still don't know the exact format. >> reporter: if the hearing goes ahead, republicans could use a number of tactics to run out the clock, effectively derailing the democrats' star witness, and a separate closed door session with mueller's deputies is also up in the air, gregg. gregg: thanks very much. joining me to talk about it, former reagan white house political director, fox business political analyst ed rollins. >> thank you. gregg: great to see you. all right, so, i mean, it was utterly foolish of jerry nadler to want robert mueller to testify publicly. so i think what happened is he awakened from his deep slumber and realized -- [laughter] a what he had done because, you
1:21 am
know, mueller doesn't fear democrats, he fears republicans who will savage him for all kinds of bias and what's not in his report. >> well, first of all, all of i they're going to get out of him is what's in the report. the reality is he's a well-schooled testifier. he's not going to go up there and answer every idiot's question if they remember their five minutes to pontificate. [laughter] i've watched these times of debates for a long time, and seldom do the members come out on top. someone like him, he'll tell you what's in the report, answer your question and let's move forward. and i think the democrats have a big, big opportunity here to blow it. gregg: guys like nadler and schiff, you know, kept promising for the better part of two years that robert mueller and his report would be the holy grail that would deliver them from trump. and it turned out to be just the opposite. but they want to relitigate it. i mean, they're like a kid who
1:22 am
loses the ball game and, you know, goes home and wants a to-over with his own -- do-over with his own ball and bat. >> they can't get any publicity. no one's going to pay any attention to them. you don't have a witness that attracts the attention of the media, it's like the tree falling in the woods. it's not going to make any noise. so my sense is they've got everything they're going to get out of mueller. there's no there there, no crimes, there's no cover-up, there was no obstruction of justice, and that's the bottom line. let's move forward. gregg: but it's folly statistically if you count heads, there's slightly more than 40 people in the house that are willing to vote articles of impeachment against the president. that's less than one-fifth of what you need. that's not going anywhere. >> well, certainly, the speaker doesn't want it moving forward. they will basically give trump every instrument he needs to go
1:23 am
beat them to death if they try and impeach him, because the american public does not believe there's an impeachable offense there, at least the vast majority of them, and i look at a lot of polls. my sense is we've seen these impeachment processes before, and i think it'll be -- gregg: right. let me ask you about paul ryan, former speaker of the house. in a new book, he trashes president trump. which is pretty audacious from a guy who presided over one disastrous failure after another, whether it be obamacare, solving immigration, border funding, and, of course, infamously he lost control -- >> well, and lost the house. the reality is paul -- who became the sort of consensus when mccarthy couldn't put the votes together as number two guy -- moved up. he was never comfortable with trump. and the idea that he'd go out at this point in time and trash him
1:24 am
in a book is just not good politics. gregg: there are stories that the president is getting ready to finally, belatedly, thankfully, get rid of dan coats, the dni, director of national intelligence. who, along with christopher wray, has spent their entire time obstructing lawful subpoenas and fighting declassification of material that would expose the witch hunt. >> well, obviously, coats -- a former senator, and i assume he got there because pence is from indiana -- has not done the job to the president's satisfaction. it's a very important job, the dni, that oversees all the intelligence at a time that we need intelligence, at a time that we need the president's direction on declassification, it's just not happening. the bottom line is i think the president needs his own person there. gregg: he absolutely does. ed rollins, good to see you. have a good weekend. >> you too. gregg: president trump urging the radical dems in congress to move quickly on his trade deal
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gregg: president trump today urging lao pass the united states-mexico-canada agreement to help american workers. he says this new deal will help fix the failures of past administrations and the damage done by nafta. >> the usmca will close the biggest loopholes that caused the mass exodus of -- you had an exodus of manufacturing under nafta -- by ratifying the usmca, mexico has now committed to being the toughest and have the toughest labor provisions, the highest environmental standards and the most comprehensive enforcement provisions of implemented in a trade agreement
1:30 am
ever. gregg: president trump says he wants the deal passed and sent to his desk immediately. joining me now, gary kaltbaum, a fox business contributor. gary, great to see you. so i jotted all this down; stock market at an all-time high, job market booming, wages up, manufacturing up, gdp above 3%, interest rates low. so is it fair to give president trump a lot of the credit for cutting taxes, regulations and a aggressively promoting government spending? >> my father herb always says it's under who is the president that things matter, and guess what? it's under this president we're seeing that. and i have to tell you one thing that's not talked about a lot is the regulatory front. every time i see a regulation cut, it says obama next to it. president obama, with all due respect to him, loved regulation and i really think hamstrung the
1:31 am
economy. i think he should have been doing 5% a year, but all those regulations just stopped business in their tracks. so with president trump getting rid of that, that's really helped. and i speak to businesses all the time, they're all saying the same thing. they have less money to spend on compliance and more freedom to do what they do best, and that's their business. so that's the big help. the tax cuts have been a big help and, of course, the great businesses of this country are doing a great job. gregg: i was talking to a bunch of businessmen in ohio not too long ago, and they told me this helps them bill back their businesses, hire more workers and increase profits. absolutely, in terms of businesses, the it's really helped. fortune magazine surveyed 53 professional economists, and 60% of them said they think a recession is possible before the next presidential inauguration. they cited slow growth in
1:32 am
manufacturing around a slowdown in growth -- or a slowdown. it's growing slower. also housing and an inversion in the so-called yield curve which means long-term rates are falling below short-term rates, although i never understand how that really curves out. what do you make of that? >> we're seeing a little slowdown here, but i think it's more because of in europe and asia they're slowing down much worse, and i think some areas of europe are in recession. i think we're the strongest of the lot, and i'm not so worried. simple reason why. the stock market is smart, and right now we're starting to see economically sensitive areas hike the industrials and transports starting to kick in gear. i have not -- never seen once in the history of the market where these areas are kicking into gear into new yearly highs and all of a sudden the recession comes up. so i give it about a 0% chance into the next election that we go into recession unless something really extraneous happens, but one can't predict
1:33 am
something like that. gregg: what about trade? >> look, here's the good news, if you've noticed, we threatened mexico, but no tariffs there. we threatened china to do more tariffs, but we stopped that. i think the president knows that we're during a re-election year, and tariffs really do stunt growth. so i think we're probably right where we are. hopefully, we get done with china where we can get rid of those tariffs, and i think we can be off to races. but i'm okay with where we are right now, and i'm happy that they backed away with the rhetoric and, hopefully, good things happen going forward. gregg: although we're with making billions off those chinese tariffs at the moment although, you know, that won't last. gary, great to see you as always. thanks. >> thank you, gregg. gregg: we would like to hear your thought, share your comments and follow lou on twitter @loudobbs like him on facebook, follow him on instagram @loudobbs tonight. some great video from the
1:34 am
u.s. coast guard. look at this, they intercepted a submarine just off the coast of south america in the eastern pacific ocean. the submarine had 17,000 pounds of the white stuff onboard, that's cocaine. heading toward our shores. the payload had an estimated street value of $230 million. the coast guard patrols an area about the size of the continental u.s. in the pacific ocean, and they say finding these narco subs is truly a significant event. congrats to them. the latest twist in the growing fracture between nancy pelosi and the radical base of her own party. plus, tropical storm barry moving closer to land as when you think of miami you
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think of,you know,rich,glamour but 5 miles away from the beach there's people who have never seen a beach. i was confused why somebody was in this situation especially in america. ♪music:oooh,oooh,oooh so when i started joshua's heart foundation it was a key thing to be able to engage youth in the foundation. to help them participate. ♪music:oooh,oooh,oooh i think passing on the torch and lighting a new flame in another person to do good is probably the point of the bigger missions i have. ♪music:aha,aha,aha
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so we are each making a bigger difference. ♪music:oooh,oooh,oooh that's it! just giving back and producing love for everybody. gregg: the notoriously left-wing ninth circuit court of appeals today actually ruling in favor of the trump administration, mark your calendar. in a loss for sanctuary city advocates, the court ruling that the justice department is within its rights prioritize thing federal funds -- prioritizing federal funds for policing to towns and cities that are compliant with federal immigration policies. wow, pick yourself up off the floor on that one. meanwhile, president trump wants the united states supreme
1:39 am
court to consider lifting an injunction that blocked more than -- 2 billion for construction -- $2 billion for construction. that's military funding that president trump authorized by executive order earlier this year. joining me now to talk about this and a whole lot more, marc lotter, director of strategic communication for the trump 2020 campaign former press secretary to vice president pence. great to see you, marc. i have to ask you about the kerfuffle within the democratic party led by aoc and the mod squad of four. i have another name for them, but, you know, there might be kids watching. on wednesday aoc said that pelosi is targeting women of color which is a not so subtle way of calling pelosi a racist. you can accuse pelosi of a lot of thing, but racism isn't one of them. representative william lacey clay, who is a democrat, said
1:40 am
this of aoc: how dare you play the race card. and he called aoc ignorant, which is a colossal understatement. i mean, with sort of stuff going on, it's like christmas every day for republicans. every time she opens her yap, it's a gift. >> we are seeing open civil war in the democrat party between their really liberal base and their socialist base for the fight over control. i mean, remember, president trump even defended nancy pelosi this morning at the white house before leaving for milwaukee. so they're going to continue to fight it out. the american people are seeing what it's for, whether it's the liberal wing or the socialist wing, all of their policies are bad for america. and to your point, every time they talk, president trump wins. gregg: you know, and it's not just congressman clay within the democratic party that's lashing out openly against aoc.
1:41 am
but there are others. we would invite our viewers to go online and read our story on a senior democrat is quoted as saying of aoc, she's a complete fraud. her peers don't take her seriously. she's a freshman member of congress with power, she's a nobody. she creates endless distraction, skips meetings in favor of media interviews, tweets and program in more. and gam more. what do democrats do though, with -- i mean, she's this gadfly that won't go away. >> well, let's not let the democrats off the hook. i understand they're trying to throw her overboard, but remember her green raw deal? that almost every single one of their major party candidates for president has endorsed it. she is controlling the policy think tank, if there is such a thing, of the democrat party right now. and so while i understand it's unpopular for them, but all of
1:42 am
their democrat candidates are rallying to her side and her cause. and so we shouldn't let them off the hook this easy just because they're in a food fight. she is actually driving the policy thought of the democrats right now. gregg: well, it was interesting, her chief of staff now says, oh, you know, the green new deal, that really wasn't conceived to solve climate change, it was, quote, how do you change the entire economy thing. [laughter] so what is that, a socialist takeover? >> right. i mean, surprise, republicans and the president were right when we called them out for being socialists, that's what their secret plan is. and, you know, it's all starting to come out right now. it's going to be very interesting to see how the democrats deal with this. they've got the policy problem, they've got the radical base problem, and then they have the fact that they've done nothing in congress problem. meanwhile, the president's going to continue doing his job, and the american people are just
1:43 am
watching. gregg: you know, joe biden, i've got to throw in a quick one here, gave a big speech where he said he's for open borders. this from a guy who voted for the secure fence act and railed against ill reel immigration -- illegal immigration. so, i mean, is joe now pandering to left to try to get the nomination? >> well, he's absolutely pandering. that entire foreign policy speech was a complete fraud. it's against everything he's ever done because even bob gates, obama's defense secretary, said biden's been wrong on every major national policy issue of the last 40 years. but i'll give you a better way to describe that speech. that speech was a speech of abdication. he actually basically said america should have to take its place as a world leader unless other countries glee. that's not how it works. we stick up for american interests, especially with president trump in the white house. gregg: all right.
1:44 am
marc, thank you very much. marc lotter, good to see you. >> thanks. gregg: tropical storm barry gaining strength, bearing down on the gulf coast, expected to make landfall tonight or tomorrow. fox correspondent steve harrigan live in bay st. louis in mississippi with the latest. steve? >> reporter: gregg, the wind has really picked up here in the last hour, but it's the rain that poses the real threat for mississippi: it's coming in sideways now, and we could see 5-12 inches over the next 12-24 hours. that could produce flash flooding not just along the coast, but inland as well, and that's where the real concerns are. we've already seen a number of roads covered by water, even an 8-foot alligator washed up on a rod not too far from here. when you ask people if they are afraid of what could happen with this storm, many of them who live here and who have been through major storms like katrina in the past say, no, that they're actually excited to
1:45 am
come down and see the conditions of the first storm of the season. >> every time a storm comes in, i get an energetic feeling that just pumps me up. >> our house is on stilts, so we're not too worried about it. especially for a tropical storm. i don't think this one's going to turn into a cat one. >> reporter: we have seen the fire department out here, those high water rescue vehicles. they've performed a number of rescues already, and they're likely to have a long night ahead. gregg: stay safe, steve, thanks very much. coming up next, nancy pelosi shamelessly uses evangelicals to shamelessly uses evangelicals to target president trump. ♪ ♪ here i go again on my own ♪ goin' down the only road i've ever known ♪ ♪ like a-- ♪ drifter i was
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gregg: house speaker nancy pelosi calln religious leaders to encourage the president to stop the i.c.e. raids. listen to this. >> people of faith about this, evangelicals who sport the president for -- support the president for other reasons but who have been good on immigration issues usually. they prepare to go to church,
1:50 am
they feel very threatened and scared by these raids. so hopefully, the president will think again about it or these groups will weigh in. greg joining me now, pastor robert jeffress who's a member of the white house faith initiative, pastor of the first baptist church of dallas and a fox business contributor. also host of the fox nation show "pathway to victory." pastor, thanks for being here. >> thanks, gregg. gregg: nancy pelosi seems to be suggesting or implying that these raids are un-christian. are they? [laughter] >> there is nothing immoral or un-christian about the president enforcing the laws. i mean, that is his constitutional as well as his god given responsibility. and, gregg, i don't recall nancy pelosi calling on us to demand that president obama stop his deportation of three million illegal immigrants that earned him the title of the border in
1:51 am
chief. it seems like gross hypocrisy to me. but, gregg, what's really going on here is this: this humanitarian crisis at the border is 100%, not 90%, 100% the fault of the democrats. the democrats are refusing to work with this president on closing the asylum loopholes and creating this chaos, and the reason they won't work with this president on this or anything else is they have one goal. they are hell bent on driving this president out of office and overturning the 2016 election. these democrats don't care one thing about these poor emigrants or the well-being of -- immigrants or the well-being of our nation. and the fact that they would place their hatred for president trump above the well-being of the nation is a dereliction of duty at best and treason at worst. gregg: i guarantee you if the president said i'm in favor of completely open borders, no fences, no walls, democrats would howl with hysteria, oh, we
1:52 am
can't do that! we have to have fences and borders and strict immigration. so it's just -- >> more impeachment for that. gregg: right, right. whatever president trump wants they're against automatically without thinking about the it. >> that's right. gregg: i want to ask you about this abc news/washington post poll that came out that said 24% -- no, i'm sorry, the poll shows support for abortion is at a 24-year high. now, i recall you saying that pro-life was on the rise, so what do you make of this? >> well, these polls go back and forth on this. but, look, even though pro-choice right now may be on the rise, fortunately, gregg, we don't discern and determine what is right and wrong by polls. i mean, in the middle of the 19th century e if you had polled america, the majority of americans would have said it's okay for one human being to own another human being.
1:53 am
in fact, the supreme court even enshrined that belief in the horrible dred scott decision. but the supreme court was wrong then. there is a higher court, the court of heaven, and there's a higher judge, god almighty, who says that just as slavery is wrong, so is abortion wrong. gregg: the president has a social media summit -- had a social media summit yesterday where, i don't know if you paid attention to that or not, where, you know, companies like twitter were invited. some of the media companies have been accused of censoring conservative speech. what's your reaction? >> well, it also -- twitter has has just announced that they are going to silence hate speech that is religious in nature. and look, gregg, let's all acknowledge a private company has the right to put its rules into effect. but i think we ought to be the very wary of any censorship of any speech, especially religious
1:54 am
speech. because the left has a way of calling any idea they disagree with hate speech. i mean, we saw not long ago pete buttigieg calling vice president pence's belief in traditional marriage as, quote, hate speech and homophobic speech when he was simply teaching what christianity and judaism have taught for thousands of years. gregg: right. >> and it just seems ironic to me that the left is the one calling for censorship, and it proves those who cry loudest for tolerance are usually the most intolerant when it comes to ideas they disagree with. gregg: pastor robert jeffers, thank you finish for being here. >> thank you, gregg. gregg: more on that fiery hearing today on capitol hill as hearing today on capitol hill as the trump administration hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?!
1:55 am
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reporter: the markets hitting all-time record highs. the s & p up 14. volume on the big board. the federal trade commission voted to approve a $5 billion fine against facebook over the company's numerous privacy
1:59 am
violations. listen to lou's reports three times a day on the salem radio network. ex-chief tom homan pushing back against the false narrative pushed by dems. >> i said several times in this hearing. this is about transparency but you already respond to what you are saying. if this is the focus of congress to push a false narrative and not let someone like me who had 30 years on the border to speak to the issue, it tells you what this is about, it's about resisting the president and opening the borders. the president is set to round up thousands of immigrants' throughout the country sunday
2:00 am
night. my new book, "witch hunt" avail panel for read order online in the usual >> after years of scouring the ocean floor, a treasure hunter with a simple motto... >> today is the day. >> today is the day. >> today is the day. >> ...hits the mother lode. >> ...a shipwreck, which had 40 tons of gold and silver and copper on board. >> when his heirs cash in, collectors grab a piece of the action. >> a gold chalice. $100,000 to open the bid. >> but this treasure hunt is far from over. >> is it true that there's a 40-pound bag of emeralds down there? >> it's 70 pounds of emeralds. >> could you look harder?


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